Rav Sekhon Counselling | About Me
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About Me


I first stepped upon this path 12 years ago (that went quick!), I was 19 years old and trying to find my direction in life. In a way, this path kind of found me, and since then I’ve been building my skills, knowledge and experience to be fully equipped to deliver a personal and quality counselling service.


I first began thinking about the talking therapies after a difficult personal experience that I had; it really impacted my life on a daily basis. My way of coping was by keeping it all inside, trying to ignore it, thinking I was staying strong. But in fact keeping it all inside made me feel worse. The experience really shown me how difficult life can be at times, and what a difference the support of others can make. It inspired me to help others; I was inspired to help people feel good about life. This has now become the philosophy of my service.

Aside from counselling; I also work in health and social care and manage a complex needs support service across Cheshire – the aim of the service is to promote independent living for vulnerable adults. I’ve been working in health and social care for just over 8 years now, I lead a team of 60 people to deliver high quality care, it’s a role that I really enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from.


In my personal time; I enjoy spending time with the people that are important to me, be it family or friends. I grew up in Runcorn and moved to Warrington in my early twenties, so the locality is where a lot of my fond memories have been created. I love sports, especially football (Manchester United!), keeping fit, live music and when I get the opportunity, travelling to places I’ve never been before.