Rav Sekhon Counselling | About Me
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About Me


I stepped onto the path of counselling and psychotherapy in 2006, I had a general interest in the mind and a desire to help people, from an early age I knew this was the direction I wanted to go in but wasn’t quite sure what it meant. I went through university and was able to achieve a Masters Degree in Counselling Studies; this academic experience, coupled with my personal experience has developed my work practice as it is today.


I became interested in the talking therapies after a difficult personal experience that I had, this was very significant, and it impacted my life on a daily basis. I was struggling with life realities and didn’t know how to manage it. My way of coping was by keeping my emotion inside, trying to avoid it, I thought I was staying strong. However, not expressing how I was feeling actually made the issue worse. One day I finally did  speak up, and the impact of this life changing, I began to feel better immediately. This experience really shown me how difficult life can be at times, and what a difference talking about the issue can make, it was remarkable. It inspired me to help others; I was inspired to help people feel good about life. This has now become the philosophy of my service.

Aside from counselling and psychotherapy; I also have a background in successfully leading mental health services across Cheshire. I’m currently Service Manager at Balance Care, a Supported Living service for vulnerable adults in the community. I’m passionate about helping people achieve positive outcomes. In Warrington I also deliver training to members of the public to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing. Training people to better manage their mental health is key – as this will help avoid the potential of struggling or becoming unwell in the future.


In my personal time; I enjoy spending time with the people that are important to me, such as family and friends. I love sports, especially football, keeping fit is a big part of my identity. When I get the opportunity, I love to travel and create new experiences.