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Author: Rav Sekhon


04 Aug BAME & Mental Health at Mela 2019

I recently spoke at the Warrington Mela about mental health and engaging BAME communities. It’s so vitally important that everyone, including minority cultures, are connecting with positive ways of looking after our wellbeing and mental health. Check out the video below: 23C0540C-A352-4048-B0A7-DDA5EFDB008D...

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men mental health

24 Jun Men & Mental Wellbeing

The stereotype of being a man – strong, not showing his emotions, and being a leader. This has been the case for many years and is still present in today’s world. I wonder, how much longer will this stereotype remain true. In small ways, I can...

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gaslighting image

28 Apr Gaslighting

This article in Happiful Magazine explores Gaslighting and the impact it has on people in relationships. This is a very serious issue and one that I think many people may experience, but are unaware of it happening, this article sheds light on the issue and...

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07 Dec Connect 5 Training

This week I delivered Connect 5 training to people in Warrington. This supports people with being able to offer basic well-being advice in regards to their mental health. Let's keep talking, it will save lives. If you would like basic wellbeing advice training for your service or...

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