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men mental health

24 Jun Men & Mental Wellbeing

The stereotype of being a man – strong, not showing his emotions, and being a leader. This has been the case for many years and is still present in today’s world. I wonder, how much longer will this stereotype remain true. In small ways, I can...

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28 Apr Gaslighting

This article in Happiful Magazine explores Gaslighting and the impact it has on people in relationships. This is a very serious issue and one that I think many people may experience, but are unaware of it happening, this article sheds light on the issue and...

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07 Dec Connect 5 Training

This week I delivered Connect 5 training to people in Warrington. This supports people with being able to offer basic well-being advice in regards to their mental health. Let's keep talking, it will save lives. If you would like basic wellbeing advice training for your service or...

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