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Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Counselling

23 Apr Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Counselling

 As people, it’s evident that we all need some help now and then with our mental health. In western culture, counselling is widely considered as a means of help when it comes to feeling better about life. However, some groups within our society don’t access counselling as much (or at all).

The research suggests that black and minority ethnic groups (BAME) access counselling less often. In addition, people from BAME groups are more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health issue, and more likely to be admitted to a mental health hospital. There’s a host of cultural reasons for this happening (more detail). This then asks the question, where do such people go for help before it becomes a major issue.

The research suggests that the issues are being ignored, swept under the carpet and avoided. Potentially leading to more issues for such individuals. This leaves a part of society that aren’t able to get the appropriate help with their mental health. This has significant negative consequence on not only that individual, but their family, friends and wider society. Ultimately, it impacts us all in some way.

I would like to attempt to contribute towards changing this reality. As a British Indian man the challenge ahead is one that is close to my heart. My life experience as being part of a BAME group and my counselling studies have provided me with an authentic understanding of the issues at hand.

I’ve a strong desire to reach out to those that aren’t accessing counselling, and aren’t getting the help they need. As people we all need help with our emotional wellbeing at times; regardless of ethnicity or cultural background.

I’d like to start breaking  down these barriers and work towards helping you feel better.

Rav Sekhon
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