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The Light of Day

26 Mar The Light of Day

The sun beams through my window as I hear the soft chirps of birds in the distance. The light breeze wafts through the air, silently, but with a freshness to it. Spring has arrived. The beginning of a new season, trees begin to blossom, wildlife begins to flourish, the days get longer; representing a new stage of the cycle of life.

For now, the darker, colder nights are behind us. The brisk winter air no longer cuts through the skies. Mother Nature is running her course of regrowth, development, and of birth to a new self. Our entire environment undergoes a change, and it impacts us all in some way.

This wonderful, transformative process can be likened to counselling. Counselling can encourage change for those that are motivated to do so. The reason being is that many people come to counselling with the desire to look at themselves and explore something inside that has meaning to them. Exploring oneself and attempting to find new understanding of why we think and/or feel a certain way can be very enlightening. It can open insight into our internal world, insight that we never knew existed. It attempts to raises awareness of our whole being and bring it to our consciousness. This heightened sense of awareness that it can bring opens the door and encourages the transformative process to take place. We naturally develop new understandings of self, the entire process encourages growth as a human being.

Mother Nature runs her course and we witness the beauty of transformation before our very eyes. Awe inspiring. With counselling, you can internalise this process, and witness the beauty of growth within yourself.

Rav Sekhon
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