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Meaning Seeking Creatures

31 Jan Meaning Seeking Creatures

At the core of Existential philosophy is the suggestion that we are meaning seeking creatures. That we merely exist in a world whereby we experience moment by moment, and inherently we (as human beings) add meaning to each moment as it happens. It’s suggested that the meanings we choose to give to each moment in our lives, actually define our existence.

Feeling a little philosophical, I find myself on a very long road trip thinking about significant moments I’ve experienced of late, and what they mean to me. Some of them positive, and some negative, however, always (well, most of the time) aligned with what feels true to myself. I create meanings that feel genuine and authentic, ones that I feel comfortable with. They could be joyous, or also sad, I might not always find pleasure in it, but nonetheless it sits correctly within me. It’s such meanings that define my existence, and how I feel about the world. The meanings that I create are mine to choose. In a way, this can be a very powerful.

I direct my attention to the reader and encourage you to think about – What kind of meanings have you been making? Are they authentic? How do they make you feel?

The counselling room is the perfect setting to support you with interpreting life’s events. They can be explored and understood with the support of your counsellor. Together, meanings that are significant and individual to you can be found. Ultimately, providing you with a greater awareness of who you are.

Rav Sekhon
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