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14 Jul Perfection.

To be perfect. I'll be excellent at everything I do and I will do it exactly correct everytime. This kind of attitude can sometimes be how people view themselves. There can exist a strong expectation that perfection will be achieved everytime in daily life. It...

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26 Mar The Light of Day

The sun beams through my window as I hear the soft chirps of birds in the distance. The light breeze wafts through the air, silently, but with a freshness to it. Spring has arrived. The beginning of a new season, trees begin to blossom, wildlife...

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12 Mar Positive Energy

The experience of life; it has its high, it's lows, and of course them bits in the middle where it's neither here or there. Whilst there can be great benefit in taking about when we feel low; sharing the issue and finding a way forward...

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03 Mar Men(tal) Health

"I'm a man, I don't talk about my feelings, I just get on with it." This is one of the classic attitudes shown by males when encouraged to talk about their feelings. There is something about not being 'macho' if we talk about our feelings....

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21 Feb physical:mental

A heavy weekend partying? Caught a chill in the cold weather? Not enough sleep? It appears that a lot of people around me have been getting ill lately, although I've been lucky to evade the bug; so far (touch wood). The severity of people's illness...

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15 Feb Lonely Hearts

Whilst listening to the radio on Valentine's Day I heard a statistic and it surprised me; it stated that 1 in 10 have never sent a Valentine's card or gift. I guess I made the assumption that more people would be sending/receiving cards. It could...

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31 Jan Meaning Seeking Creatures

At the core of Existential philosophy is the suggestion that we are meaning seeking creatures. That we merely exist in a world whereby we experience moment by moment, and inherently we (as human beings) add meaning to each moment as it happens. It's suggested that...

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29 Jan A Relationship

The stability that a healthy, consistent relationship brings to us all is vital for functioning positively. A consistent relationship can help people feel connected; connected socially to someone else. No longer does the feeling of loneliness exist. We can share ideas, thoughts, feelings, humour, recipes, gym...

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