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Positive Energy

12 Mar Positive Energy

The experience of life; it has its high, it’s lows, and of course them bits in the middle where it’s neither here or there. Whilst there can be great benefit in taking about when we feel low; sharing the issue and finding a way forward with it. There can also be great benefit in sharing when we feel good too.
The good things in life need to be shared aswell. There is a wealth of research that suggests sharing positive feelings with another person can boost the ‘feel good’ feeling. It releases chemicals within the brain that encourage the feeling to be more present (in simplistic terms).

In no way am I suggesting that if you feel good then go forth and tell everyone that you see – because that could be really annoying. It’s about expressing your positive feeling at the appropriate times and not excessively. Sharing the good vibes at the right times, and having that positive impact not only on your own wellbeing, but also on other people.

What I’m saying is no secret and has been known to man for a long time. So why not do it? Live it. Breathe it. Be that person that lights up someone’s day. Maybe next time you’re with a friend, loved one or a colleague… In the words of Bob Marley, share some ‘positive vibrations’.

Rav Sekhon
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