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A Relationship

29 Jan A Relationship

The stability that a healthy, consistent relationship brings to us all is vital for functioning positively. A consistent relationship can help people feel connected; connected socially to someone else. No longer does the feeling of loneliness exist.

We can share ideas, thoughts, feelings, humour, recipes, gym exercises, names for a new dog that you’ve been wanting etc…. The list can be endless. A relationship can provide fresh perspective, honest insight and new meaning to previous understandings. It has the potential to be a wonderful, healthy thing. We all need consistent relationships in our life. They could be present in many forms; be it your partner, a relative, friend or counsellor. Regardless of who the person actually is, consistency is key. It provides with an essential stability that we all need in this dynamic world.

Counselling provides a consistent therapeutic relationship. It’s non-judgemental, unconditional and forever supportive of the individual that you are. It promotes positive wellbeing and it can help people feel better. My belief is that we all need some form of a therapeutic relationship in our lives.

Rav Sekhon
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